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Louise Spencer



Prominent UK musician and composer Louise Spencer is a classically trained harpist, pianist and singer, exploring electronic and ambient music. Her recent collaborations include ambient harp soundscapes and orchestral music featuring the harp, as well as her own solo piano and solo harp releases. Hailing from Nottingham, she frequently tours the country and showcases her diverse styles spanning classical, electronic, jazz and pop music.


In her latest project, Louise explores her classical piano roots and invites listeners into her world with 7-day album My week: on cassette’. Each intimate track captures a moment in an ordinary life, from weekly shopping to morning coffee, easing mellow lo-fi piano recordings into real-world ambience with a creative honesty to resonate with everyday highs and lows. 


During the 2023 Coronation of King Charles III, Louise was awarded BBC Introducing's 'Composer of the Week' on Radio 3, and has received nine music features including her ambient harp piece 'Dreamcatcher' on the iconic Sleeping Forecast.

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